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PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical takes the stage at Robinson Center this weekend and the ‘welcome you to Hollywood’, we sat down for a chat with Kerry D’Jovani who plays David Morse in the national tour!

 width=What was your path to becoming a professional actor?

My path to becoming a professional actor began young. Falling in love with musical theater at the age of 7, I then went to a high school that uplifted and took pride in its Theater department. There I learned about the ins and outs of the industry. I then went to college where I studied Acting, Musical Theater, Voice, and Directing- fast forward here we are.

What was the audition process like for PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical?
My auditioning process for the show was pretty quick. I auditioned in the final round and had a pretty quick turnaround from my initial audition into callbacks. The coolest part of the process was working with both Rusty (Choreographer) and DB Bonds (Associate Director) in the audition room. DB said I had an “incredible voice” which made me smile and it was nice to build a working relationship during the process. I think is so important for directors.

What is your favorite part about touring the country with PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical?

My favorite part about touring the country with Pretty Woman is just that we get to tour the country and see places you never knew you wanted to visit, while also performing in some historical theaters. We’ve been on stages that have seen Broadway legends, Popstars, and Entertainment Titans. It feels good to be in their company.

What do you enjoy the most about performing in the show every night?
What I enjoy most about performing this show every night is the reaction from the audience. As cliché as it sounds, people love the show, and we love hearing how much they love it. On stage, it’s the best feeling when a joke lands with the audience, or when the applause goes on just a little too long. Those moments are great, they show that we’re all present and having a good time.

Why do you think PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical still resonates with audiences of today?

I think Pretty Woman resonates with audiences because the story is real at its core. There is humor and love and a little bit of theater magic, but the story can be boiled down to something very real and tangible and it is something that people can walk away from understanding, appreciating, and relating to.

If you weren’t an actor, what profession would you pursue?

If I wasn’t an Actor, I would be a Film Director.

What item can you not live without while on tour?
I cannot live without my laptop. I’m always working, video editing, or just creating something, and without my laptop, I’d probably be a mess lol.

What is something that would surprise audiences about PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical and why should they see it?

Something that would surprise audiences is just how much fun they’ll have watching the show. It’s a really good time for performers and audiences alike.

What is your dream role?
My dream role is to be Tony Award winner. One day, soon

Tickets are still available for the musical, coming to Robinson Center April 26th-28th.  For tickets, visit

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