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Are you a believer?  The national tour of SHREK The Musical takes over the stage at Robinson Center March 27th-28th.  Cynthia Ana Rivera (aka Mama Bear) takes a few minutes to leave Far, Far Away to give us a taste of life as a professional actor on tour and let us know why audiences are falling in love all ‘ogre’ again with the show:

What was your path to becoming a professional actor?I started acting in 6th grade in our school musicals that we’d do once a year which I really loved to do. Freshman year of high school, a community theatre near me in CT was doing The Wedding Singer musical which is my dad’s favorite movie. So of course I had to audition and that’s when I really caught the big and chose this career path.

What was the audition process like for SHREK The Musical? I auditioned for Shrek back in August 2023 through a virtual portal called Actors Access. (A website where all professional auditions are posted, you submit a headshot and resume and if you are chosen, you will receive the particular audition you submitted for.) I then received three callbacks 2 vocal/scene work callbacks and one dance callback; after my initial audition submission. After the 3rd callback I received an offer for Mama Bear/Dragon Cover.

What is your favorite part about touring the country with SHREK The Musical?I love the story and the message we are spreading across the country, “all the things that make us special, make us strong”. Especially at a time where that message is SO necessary for the youth. Plus I get to see so many new places I would have never thought of visiting as a New England girl!

What do you enjoy the most about performing in the show every night?I enjoy sharing energy with my cast mates and bouncing new and fun ideas therefore bringing the energy to the audience. Every night during a big reveal in the song Freak Flag, the audience goes crazy and that right there is just the absolute best feeling.

Why do you think SHREK The Musical still resonates with audiences of today?It still resonates with audiences today because the central themes of the show are true to the human life experience and are constant in our journey of growing up. Being true to yourself, finding self acceptance, self love, and not letting others determine who you are.

If you weren’t an actor, what profession would you pursue? I would own a coffee shop, a farm to table situation in a small town where I do all of the baking and it’s sustainable income for the farmers!

What item can you not live without while on tour? My AirPods or Bluetooth headband! I am constantly listening to music and don’t know what I’d do without either of those.

What is something that would surprise audiences about SHREK The Musical and why should they see it?This new reimagining and telling of the story is so not a spectacle and just true to the story, it’s beautifully told through these actors putting on a show. It’s going to surprise audiences how this story truly resonates within our bodies whether you are 4 or 61. For that, come see us!

What is your dream role? I actually have a few!

My dream roles change depending on what shows are currently casting/out there. Currently they are Peggy Schuyler in Hamilton, Catherine of Aragon in Six, and Juliet in & Juliet! All contemporary pop musicals!

SHREK the Musical will take the stage at Robinson Center in Little Rock  March 27-28, 2024.  Purchase tickets in person at the Robinson Center Box Office, online at or, or by phone at 501.244.8800.

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