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Southwest Power Pool | Senior Director, Seams & Western Services


Most days involve working with a variety of people from around the country, whether in person or on a call, to develop technical solutions to support the operations of the power grid.

beginning interests

I fell into this career as an intern in college. I was a data entry analyst at Entergy Power Marketing and discovered there is a lot more to the electric utility business than flipping on a light switch. Learning about the power grid and how utilities interact with each other and move power was fascinating to me (and continues to be).  


My internship opened the door for me to work in the electric utility industry, and my career has evolved in ways I never expected. I’ve held a variety of roles like power trader, planning analyst, trainer and market designer – to name a few.


I love the relationships I’ve made and working with people from all over the country to solve complex problems. 


You are definitely not alone – there are lots of women in STEAM careers, and we are excited about your interest and to have you on the team.


Be yourself. Be curious. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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