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Lexicon, Inc. – Project Administrator – Lexicon Industrial Constructors



These days, I do a lot of document management and procurement – invoicing, tax-back paperwork, contract documents, etc. I occasionally travel to the Hybar jobsite in Osceola to see the field office team, check the project status and attend meetings. 


I became interested in STEAM about eight years ago, while bar-tending. In the service industry, tips and customers aren’t guaranteed. But construction is ALWAYS happening, so the industry’s job stability was attractive. I landed my first construction job in steel fabrication and found every part of it to be a passion. When the opportunity arose to help build steel mills and work with some of the industry’s top talent, I went for it.


I love that my job is fast-paced, demanding and exciting, that I feel valued and that I have daily opportunities to sharpen and demonstrate my specialized technical skills. Lexicon’s culture, people and opportunities are unmatched. Lexicon team members have an energy and passion that’s contagious. This company seeks young professionals based on their potential to develop them into leadership positions and listens to input from young people who know how to utilize tools like AI, drones, etc.  


Women may be surprised to find out how much their gender may open, rather than close, doors for them. The construction industry is ready to tap into the other 50% of the workforce. Your voices will be heard, your value and potential will be acknowledged, and you will be integrated into the team just like your male counterparts. Women are allowed to be fearless in this industry, and I love that so much.


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