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A Pioneer in Men’s Health



Dr. Gail Reede Jones is a pioneer in men’s health and wellness. She considers it as critical as the emphasis men seem to place on routine maintenance of automobiles and notes, “Guys rotate their tires and change the oil. What they don’t want to do is wait until there’s smoke coming out from under the hood and the car stops running. The same importance goes for men’s health.” As the first female urologist in the state and a founding physician at Arkansas Urology, her commitment to this mission, keeping men < and women > healthy, is unwavering.

Born in New York, Gail considers Arkansas home after nearly four decades in the Natural State. She credits her success to several significant Arkansans including Pine Bluff native Dr. Henry Foster, Chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology at George W. Hubbard Hospital of Meharry Medical College in Nashville. “I had an initial interest in OBGYN. On days when OBGYN clinic would finish early, we would spend time in the urology clinic. Instead of pursuing my initial path, I remained to do two years of surgery in preparation to apply for a residency in urology.” She notes that Dr. William Rutledge, who was also with Meharry Medical College, supported women who were pursuing careers in surgery. “When I was interviewing for residency, I saw that many of these programs had never had women as residents, nor even interviewed women for consideration.” With ample experience and encouragement from mentors, Gail secured a residency in urology at the University of Pittsburgh where she joined the first female resident.

It is Dr. Rutledge who remains the focal character in the story of Gail’s esteemed career. “He returned to Little Rock and encouraged me to come to Arkansas, which was known back then as ‘The Land of Opportunity’ and see what Little Rock had to offer. I immediately saw the network of support available for young doctors who wanted to build a practice in specialty fields. Looking back on the number of people who influenced my medical career, I think ending up in Arkansas was pure destiny.” In 1987 Gail established her own practice in the Capital City and in 1996, with consideration to the economic landscape and changes in healthcare, Arkansas Urology was formed. “This resulted in these two groups inviting me to the table, which allowed for multiple resources and decades of experience to be combined to serve all patients.”

Gail and her husband Jesse Mason are devoted philanthropists and support the Arkansas Urology Foundation. The foundation addresses health disparities throughout the state – connecting Arkansans to comprehensive healthcare through education and advocacy. Arkansas Urology Foundation Director Chris Shenep adds, “We are inspiring and empowering all men and women to live healthier and happier lives.” Priorities include free prostate cancer screenings and learning opportunities for fellow urologists and referring physicians. Chris credits the initial success of the organization, exceeding more than $1 million in fundraising, to first-time donors and the generosity of patrons. “As we have built the foundation, Dr. Jones and Mr. Mason have been there every step of the way. From financial support, to recruiting new donors, raising awareness, and increasing our impact – this story is the perfect illustration about the importance of our foundation and Men’s Health Month.”

As Gail reflects on her journey and the evolution of Arkansas Urology, she realizes the community of patrons that makes healthcare accessible to more Arkansans. “As we celebrate 30 years as a practice, I’d like to applaud all those dedicated leaders, past and present, who helped us become what we are today. I’d like to thank all of those who are making an investment in the Arkansas Urology Foundation.” Chris guarantees this year’s AUSOME Event – with a boots & barbeque theme – is the perfect opportunity to learn more and get involved. “Thanks to supporters like Dr. Jones, I know this will be our best year yet.

Hair: Reeshema Britt with World of Curls

Makeup: Bridget Baltimore with Barbara Jean

Event Info:

Boots & BBQ Bash


Rusty Tractor Vineyards
November 21, 2024, 5:00 pm


Arkansas Urology

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