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Arkansas Cinema Society





Arkansas Cinema Society offers extraordinary experiences to celebrate our shared humanity and nurture the visual art. Showcasing captivating independent films and intimate conversations with the creatives behind the work, the organization continues to cultivate meaningful dialogue across our community. It is a culmination of each talented team that brings these stories to life. And that is the heart of Arkansas Cinema Society.

Producer Jayme Lemons and Actor Josh Lucas illustrate the transformative power of collaboration and commitment to a project. Both have roots in the Natural State and brought the season finale of Palm Royale to the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts for an exclusive preview party that exceeded expectations. Their banter and chemistry reflect an authenticity and appreciation for the craft that is undeniable. As Filmland returns next month, these artists represent the vision + values of Arkansas Cinema Society: building a film community in Arkansas.

 Jayme was immediately impressed by this purpose. “Kathryn Tucker called me and described what she and Jeff Nichols were aiming to create. There felt like a lack of cohesiveness and statewide connection in the film community, and they wanted to put something together that would bridge those gaps.” Jayme remembers how unexpected opportunities and gracious mentors helped leverage her career. She serves on the Arkansas Cinema Society Board of Directors and utilizes her network of industry leaders to help the organization’s mission fulfillment work. “My love of film started in Arkansas, and I want people here to know and appreciate how it all happens.”

 As a child in Waldron, Jayme remembers the single screen movie theatre. “It was a one stoplight town with not a whole lot to do. I was also obsessed with tv.”  She’s worked in television + film since graduate school and likens the time to joining the circus. “I sort of got swept up in a big creative exciting tornado and, very much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I wasn’t in Ar(kansas) anymore. I quickly went from sitting in class studying film theory, to standing beside directors like Robert Altman and David Lynch, who just grabbed me up and allowed me to learn every minute of the day.”

 These are the kind of connections, coupled with gracious mentors, that Jayme believes are a key resource for aspiring filmmakers. She introduced Josh to the Arkansas Cinema Society; his return to Arkansas did not disappoint. “It was an absolutely moving experience to be there and screen our show with this wonderful group.” Josh was born in Fayetteville into a family that recognizes the importance of making a difference in the world. “My son Noah ‘chooses’ to be positive every day. My grandfather was the exact same way.” This kind of perspective can shift the greater good. “More and more, I believe where you put your energy is where your life goes. Both good and bad,  but it’s really that simple.”

The Arkansas Cinema Society includes like-minded individuals who share an unwavering commitment to filmmaking, the power of collaboration and a love for the state. The unique blend of teamwork – director, writer, cinematographer, sound mixer, production designer, editor, actors, distributors and audience – is elaborate and multi-faceted. Jayme realizes this sense of responsibility: to educate the community and connect the dots for aspiring artists. “Arkansas Cinema Society has a solid reach within the industry, and our board members have been able to tap into relationships and encourage a wide range of screenings, seminars and related activities.” When asked about the recent Palm Royale season finale she reveals, “It was one of the most joyous screenings I’ve ever attended anywhere and it made me so proud that Arkansas showed up and showed out. Josh and I were blown away by the enthusiasm and the pure fun. It was a thrill.”

Hair: Joey Edwards, Madie Massey, Alicia Miller

Makeup: Joey Edwards, Madie Massey, Alicia Miller

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