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Surviving the Storm



By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Jamison Mosley| Wardrobe from Baumans


 width=   “Fashion is in my soul,” John Reeves admits as we banter about Festival of Fashion and the role of CARTI in our community. “Consistency is what transforms the average into excellence. While the world around us has been uncertain and ever-changing, CARTI’s consistent state-of-the-art cancer treatment and patient care is reassuring.” John brings this optimism to the most stylish event of the season, Festival of Fashion, that celebrates the resilient spirit of cancer survivors and a community of support that helps patients + families survive the storm. 

   As an owner of Joel’s Salon, John utilizes his tenure in the retail fashion industry to deliver exceptional service to clients. “Something as simple as the right cut or color, or a wig for a cancer patient, makes a world of difference in personal perspective.” It’s more than simply style; he helps others navigate uncertainty with fierceness + finesse. When he was introduced to Festival of Fashion through the salon’s involvement with the event – John realized his contributions of time, energy and charisma were necessary. “We are all capable of being more consistent in volunteering and making life more manageable for those who need help.”  

   Festival of Trees continues to dazzle and delight with fun for the entire family. From the Sugar Plum Ball to Festival of Fashion and Tux ‘N Trees, its broad appeal makes it a beloved holiday tradition. The CARTI vision to make treatment  width=available to as many Arkansans as possible is unwavering. Proceeds from Festival of Trees support this work. “Since its inception in 1976, Festival of Trees has raised in excess of $9 million to provide direct financial support to the patients it serves,” John elaborates. “This includes housing, transportation, medication, emotional support programs, counseling and more. It’s not just for patients, it’s for caregivers as well.” 

   With an all-inclusive cancer treatment center and statewide network of clinics that administer radiation + chemotherapy, more than 35,000 Arkansans benefit from CARTI’s commitment to compassionate care each year. Education and research have evolved, but the mission remains constant. Patients have access to the newest technology and a holistic philosophy that supports the patient and the family. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, CARTI provides assured confidence that the patient will receive the best treatment available. CARTI joins in each family’s cancer journey. 

   width=Although not a native, John considers Arkansas home. “I love the outdoors; being connected to nature is good for us all,” John reflects. “But it’s the people that make Arkansas so special. Working with clients and organizations like CARTI has built bonds and friendships that I cherish. Service to others was something instilled in me at a young age. That’s what we do best in the Natural State – we help each other weather the storm.”




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