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Photography by Jamison Mosley | Rachel’s Hair by Leah Harding at Salon Cirae | Rachel’s Makeup by Jose Gonzalez with Dillard’s Park Plaza | Annemarie’s Hair by Belle Wade with Red Beauty Lounge | Annemarie’s makeup by Ty London with Dillard’s Park Plaza – Chanel | Wardrobe from Dillard’s | Jewelry from Sissy’s Log Cabin 

  The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is an incredible resource for individuals across the state. Rachel Parker Harding and Annemarie Dillard Jazic are proud Arkansans, and they are thankful to call it home. Together, they will recognize this institution and the impact it has on lives across Arkansas at the Gala for Life 25th Anniversary. 


  Both women returned to iconic Arkansas business families and realize investing in community is a civic responsibility. “World class medical care is important for our state,” Annemarie shares. “Being able to have quality treatment for complicated diseases right here is invaluable to the success of the state from a quality of life perspective as well as economic competitiveness standpoint.” Rachel invited Annemarie to join her as a member of the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute Board of Advisors and this dynamic duo plan to make Gala for Life a night to remember. “I always describe Little Rock as a wonderful hidden gem,” Annemarie continues. “The 25th anniversary of Gala for Life highlights things that make our state wonderful and the role UAMS has in making it a great place to live.” Natural elements will compliment the theme A Tribute to Arkansas, but the brilliance + radiance of this anniversary will not outshine the purpose of this gathering: providing unparalleled research-driven cancer care to patients from more than 50 countries, every state and every county in Arkansas. 

  The proceeds from Gala for Life support ovarian cancer research and treatment at the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. UAMS Vice Chancellor, Office of Communications & Marketing Leslie Taylor explains, “Current groundbreaking research includes a study of a vaccine for ovarian cancer that is funded by the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.” As the state’s only academic cancer center, the vision for the UAMS Cancer Institute to be the first NCI-designated center in Arkansas continues. The National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Center Program is one of the pillars of the nation’s cancer research initiative. “Becoming an NCI-designated center will allow the Cancer Institute to expand research, offer new clinical trials, create more than 1,500 jobs, bolster our state’s economy by an estimated $72 million a year and most importantly provide cancer treatment not currently available in our state. This means that many Arkansans who currently have to leave the state for specialized cancer care won’t have to any longer. They can stay at home as they receive their care.”

  For Rachel and Annemarie, the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute reflects a brighter + healthier future for the place they call home. Annemarie reflects, “The doctors at UAMS are an integral part of creating that incredible community that makes both Little Rock and the state of Arkansas so powerful.” Rachel adds, “Little Rock is my home and what I love most about it is the people. I will always want what is best for this community.”



Parker Luxury Group – established 1967

volunteering memory

“The phrase ‘you always give back’ was spoken to me just about every other day. While growing up, my family and I would serve a Thanksgiving meal every year at the Union Rescue Mission.”

best advice

“It ain’t over until it’s over. I remind myself and I want my boys to always be reminded that when they choose to do something, they need to give it their best effort. Play to win, but most importantly, play until the end.”

philosophy to live by 

“Give grace and be kind. I also live by laugh every day. Laughter is my most favorite medicine. 




Dillard’s, Inc. – established 1938

Vice President Online Experience & Digital Marketing

character ancedote

“I always compare myself to the turtle and the hare. I’m a determined, hard worker that won’t give up. Often times, I’m the turtle.”

best advice

“The serenity prayer… God give me the courage to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

motivation + inspiration

“My father. He is a man of incredible determination, pragmatism, integrity, thoughtfulness, and a strong worth ethic. I hope to inherit these qualities from him.”

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