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White Christmas



By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Jamison Mosley | Allison’s Makeup by Bridget Baltimore with Barbara Jean | Costumes by Shelly Hall




   EMORY TYSON MOLITOR as Betty Haynes

    “I became interested in acting when I was in elementary school attending college theatre productions. The first roles I remember were with the Children’s Theatre in Dardanelle, directed by Elaine Green and Jane Freeman: The Pied Piper and Rumpelstiltskin.”

   “Betty Haynes is a singer who can sell a torch song. While that might seem like type-casting for me, I am enjoying finding what makes Betty tick.”

   JAMIE STEWART as Bob Wallace

   “A teacher in high school talked me into auditioning for Oklahoma. I was terrified to do something so socially risky, or at least that’s how I saw it then. My friends and teachers were supportive, and in one audition, my life changed. From that point forward, I would never be very far from the stage. Even when poor health kept me from acting, the love for theater remained in waiting. If my high school theater and choir teachers hadn’t encouraged me to be brave and try acting, I wonder how different my life would be. 

   “There is a subtlety to Bob that I’m working hard to perfect. He is talented and admired by the world, but somehow it isn’t quite enough. He is a little bit tired and a little bit lonely, and has lost faith in love. When love comes along, it catches him by surprise. I’m enjoying exploring the insecurity of Bob, the celebrity.”





   Argenta Community Theater Production

   At its best, community theater inspires and strengthens a collective sense of belonging among constituents. The cast of characters and the audience engage in adventure that cultivates a deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared humanity. Under the direction of Vincent Insalaco, Argenta Community Theater presents White Christmas The Musical later this month. During a season of festivities and fellowship, this production guarantees comfort and joy.

  White Christmas The Musical is a timeless narrative about embracing the spirit of the holidays. Despite challenging times, there are blessings to count + life lessons to learn. Two World War II veterans turned entertainers follow a duo of singing sisters en route to a Christmas Show in Vermont. The American classic White Christmas is showcased as a beacon of hope and nostalgia that a world of hopeful romantics still embrace. 





   ALLISON WILSON as Judy Haynes

   “I became interested in acting when I realized how much I love musical theatre.  I grew up studying dance and then in college realized my passion for musical theatre.  However, I’ve always been surrounded by the theater – both my parents did shows and performed.  So maybe, it’s in my blood.”

   “Judy is playful and fun; I also love the fact she gets to dance A LOT!”

   CASE DILLARD as Phil Davis

   “So there are three threats in musical theatre: singing, dancing and acting. The order for me was dancing then singing then acting. Theater was a hobby I had. But then, as a young man I saw a production of Angels in America by Tony Kushner at Arkansas Rep. That was a game-changer for me – that story, those actors as well as the vision and its execution. It dawned on me that theater was something I wanted to do with my life.”

   “First of all, Phil is the ‘Song-And-Dance Man’ in classic musical theatre. That’s my jam. That fits squarely into my wheelhouse. I am the ‘singing-and-dancing’ Robin to Bob’s Batman. Also, a lot of the plot is driven by Phil’s lack of impulse control. He has delusions of grandeur that he seeks to fulfill with occasional success. He gets a wild idea and the whole show is spent pursuing it. It’s great fun.”


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