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Festival of Fashion – True Boutique

Festival of Fashion – Dillard’s

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Share This Story:

Festival of Fashion



E. Leigh’s | Model Alyssa Brown

“CARTI and Festival of Fashion will always hold a special place in my heart. Both of my parents and multiple friends have been treated by the incredible staff at CARTI.  We are so fortunate to have such a beacon of light and hope through CARTI during such a difficult time in people’s lives.”

– Erin Hohnbaum

Barbara Jean | Model Sarah Wengel

“We love supporting CARTI and the wonderful work they do treating people who need their expert care. And it’s such a fun way to kick off the holiday season! Fashion, fun and supporting a good cause – what could be better?”

– Tiffany Robinson

Scarlet | Model Nicole Daniel 

“The annual fun and fast paced fashion show is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love the people that run the event year after year and seeing so many come out to support an organization that undoubtedly changes people’s lives every single day.”

– Jeanne Johansson

Companions | Model Mitsy Tharp

“So many of us have had a loved one affected by cancer and want the best care available.  CARTI is the best and we want to make sure they are always here for Arkansans.”

– Kendra Williams

B. Barnett | Model Steele Strauss with Sculp Agency

“We continue to support CARTI because they are a top tier cancer treatment institution in Arkansas and we’re very proud to be a part of their mission in saving the lives of so many Arkansans.”

– Dallas Yarnell

Indigo | Model Ava Wahlquist with Sculp Agency

“It is the event we look forward to each year. It’s a great experience. It is also very rewarding to know we are donating to a great cause.”

– Lindsey Landers

Vesta’s | Model Heather Burton with The Agency

“We are excited to hit the runway with all the fashion flair for holiday. Sequins, jewel tones accompanied with great music and choreography. Local boutiques joining together for a cause that has touched us all is a great ‘feel good’ to kick off the holidays.”

– Melissa Tanner

Dillard’s | Model Alex Crawley with Sculp Agency

“We deeply appreciate CARTI and the dedicated work their incredible team provides to our community. We stand proudly alongside CARTI as they bravely fight to cure cancer in our community.”

– Annemarie Dillard Jazic 

Beyond Cotton 2 | Model Ashley Bermingham with The Agency

“We gladly support CARTI and its mission to give the very best care to Arkansas cancer patients. The fashion show is a wonderful evening of community support.”

– Mandy Schuster 

True Boutique | Model Alexia Mosley

“CARTI is near and dear to our hearts. One of our owners is a CARTI patient. Many of our customers, family and friends are alive and enjoying life today thanks to the wonderful care they received through CARTI. Participating in Festival of Fashion is our favorite way to support such a wonderful organization.”

– Allison Pepper & Alicia Williamson

Baumans | Model Myron Yancy

“We continue to support CARTI Festival of Fashion because this event helps provide knowledge, assistance, and pure fun to our community at large. It’s a pleasure being able to work with everyone who dedicates time and effort to making this event what it is year after year.”

– Myron Yancey

Steamroller Blues | Model Carianne Kelly

“We gladly support CARTI’s efforts in providing premium care to cancer patients. While we wish cancer did not even exist, unfortunately it does, and it has affected so many of our customers, family and staff.”

– Kaitlin Minton 

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