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Festival of Fashion – COMPANIONS CLOTHIER

Festival of Fashion – BEYOND COTTON 2

Civil Engineer. Fundraiser. Mom. Everything She Wants to Be.


Festival of Fashion – TRUE BOUTIQUE

Festival of Fashion – E.LEIGH’S

An Evening of Intergalactic Fashion

Festival of Fashion – TRUE GENTLEMAN

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center: Same Mission, New Vision

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas – Gala for Good

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Share This Story:

Festival of Fashion – BARBARA JEAN



Photography by Dero Sanford

Tiffany RobinsonBarbara Jean



The people! I love to travel but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The sense of community and people helping other people is really special here.

Celebrating the shop + live local philosophy, these boutiques share a commitment to the CARTI mission that is unwavering. As we look forward to the fashionable event of the season – Festival of Fashion on November 17th – we honor businesses supporting businesses, friends supporting friends and encourage the shop local philosophy. 


Ooohhh, so hard to select one! I think the “must have” items would include a new pant or jean, with an updated leg shape, straight and cropped, or full and long, paired with chunky lug sole loafer.


I don’t have a personal experience but I know so many individuals who do and they all talk about how positive their experiences have been. I know many of the doctors and nurses and the level of care and attention provided is second to none. Arkansas is beyond fortunate to have CARTI and while nobody ever plans to receive that care, when we need it we want only the best.


I love the energy! It’s the ultimate “girls’ night out” vibe! And, when you can combine having that much fun with raising awareness and funding for something as impactful as CARTI it’s a win-win!!


Although we’ve been around for over 50 years, I think some people don’t realize we offer styling services. All of our stylists love working with clients either in the store or in their closets to discover different ways to combine pieces to get the maximum number of options!


Oh, if you havent attended Festival of Fashion now is the time! Grab a group of friends and get it on your calendar! I love it for 2 reasons, depending on what mood you’re in, you can go out and have an amazing time at the show and still be home with your pjs on by 9:00, or you can extend the fun and go out for dinner and drinks after!!



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