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   Celebrating more than five decades of service, Arkansas Enterprises for the Developmentally Disabled continues to meet the needs of its clients with a cast of patrons who share an undeniable enthusiasm. The organization’s programs and resources help individuals gain independence to improve quality of life. It is a story of empowerment that resonates with Tery Young and she believes a strong auxiliary makes the mission fulfillment work easy + fun. As chairman of Curtain Call, she will welcome guests to Argenta Community Theater later this month for two evenings of festivities that support this vision. 

 width=   Tery, a mortgage loan originator with Centennial Bank, enjoys the gracious generosity of the Natural State. This West Coast native shares, “Most people haven’t had the pleasure of Southern hospitality; trust me – you don’t get that everywhere.” Tery recalls her initial introduction to AEDD through a friend and was immediately welcomed by the auxiliary members. “I love the mission and have big shoes to fill this year as Gayla Jungmeyer has always done such an amazing job with Curtain Call.”

   Continuing the tradition, Curtain Call Red Carpet Premier features a dinner and Broadway-style show. A Night with the Stars performances include professional + local talents as well as AEDD clients showcasing their talents “We’re excited that it’s a two night event this year; The Encore event features a cocktail reception. This will make for a great Friday date night for couples or a fun-filled girls night out! “During both events, a highlight will be the heartfelt recognition of Gayla and Dennis Jungmeyer with the Jim Hinson Spirit of Giving award for their unwavering commitment to the organization.

   Proceeds from the celebration support improvements at the Lacy Landers Adults Skills Training Center. In addition to the initial employment opportunities through the Jobs 4 You Program, the center provides career development preparatory activities that include resume building resources as well as effective interview preparation and proper workplace etiquette. Arkansas Enterprises for the Developmentally Disabled also assigns a state-certified job coach who continues to supervise and monitor progress.

   With a membership that is 60+ strong, the AEDD Auxiliary continues a legacy that is critical in cultivating a more inclusive community with a bright future for all Arkansans. It’s a simple equation…. removing obstacles + creating opportunities. “Gestures don’t have to be big and grand; the simple ones – like helping someone who needs help at that moment – make a difference and help lessen a burden,” Tery explains. “I always want to surround myself with people who believe in me, cheer me on and bring joy to my life. I try to do the same for them in return.”

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