By Edi Wood | Photography by Sarah Oden

   RiverCity Print & Imaging is a quintessential example of the small-town, small-business American dream. Its owners, Jane and Scott Levine, attribute their success to a strong vision, a durable business plan and a solid financial foundation. It began in 1987, when the Levines bought a small print company from Jane’s father who planted the seeds of this success story in a small shop in 1977. Over the past four decades the company’s vision and business model expanded into a full service graphics imaging company – offering print, signage, promotions and apparel.

   The Levines believe their secret to success is a well-balanced approach to leading and managing their daily operations and business plan. Jane provides the gracious “bottom line” factor, while Scott has a knack for looking ahead to the future. Just before the pandemic hit, Scott located a table cutter which was purchased in order to expand offerings. The intended purpose for the table cutter evolved when the pandemic emerged, and that very piece of equipment is what helped the Levines serve their customers and expand business. “Within a month, we realized the value of adaptability in this new business world, making face shields and sneeze guards for our customers to use.” Scott believes that kind of flexibility in both vision and practice is what helps them anticipate and exceed expectations.

   Jane says her parents provided the best example of a good business model: a solid marriage/work partnership based upon balancing their respective talents. The Levines work hard to nurture her father’s dream of the company’s current growth and success. Today, with Bank OZK as a financial partner, the company is still serving customers who have been with RiverCity since its infancy. Scott explains this kind of business relationship is a reflection of their commitment to quality and service. The same perspective of respect and equity governs the company culture and their staff, whom they regard as family. “We all have a vested interest in treating our customers well and providing them with the highest quality of product and service,” explains Scott. He believes the best business policy is to work with strong partners. Scott says they rely on their banker, their attorney, their accountant and others for their respective support. The Levines believe exceeding the needs of their customers and serving them is their primary focus; they rely on Bank OZK and other business experts to help them navigate the rest.

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