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   What started as an old log cabin in Pine Bluff has become Arkansas’s largest independent jeweler. Sissy’s Log Cabin began in 1970 when Sissy Jones, an antique and estate jewelry aficionado, spotted an old log cabin for rent on U.S. Highway 79. With her son, Bill, who is now the company CEO, Sissy began transforming the cabin into what would become an iconic, family-owned store for antiques, estate jewelry and appraisals.

   This year, Sissy’s Log Cabin is celebrating 50 years since Sissy Jones first stepped foot into that old cabin. In 1991, a new store was built, bringing Sissy’s Log Cabin from 900 to 10,000 square feet, and adding several modern amenities like running water and an indoor bathroom. Sissy’s Log Cabin has grown from the small log cabin in Pine Bluff to locations in Little Rock, Jonesboro, Memphis and Conway, bringing the company to five stores in two states.

   Sissy’s son, Bill Jones, has been a part of the business since the old log cabin was first rented. His wife, Sharri is the Executive Secretary. Their boys, William and Wyatt Jones and Joe Cook, are also integrally involved in the family business across Sissy’s five locations. Family has always been a cornerstone of Sissy’s Log Cabin, and Sissy’s desire is that every one of her employees and every customer who visits one of her stores feels like a part of the family. The “Sissy’s Experience” – a devotion to high quality and exceptional customer service – has remained of constant importance to the entire Sissy’s work family.

   For the past 50 years, Sissy’s Log Cabin has been passionate about communities. Each Sissy’s Log Cabin store is given its own philanthropy budget to use for local community charities and organizations. The Jones family understands that not all communities have the same needs and seeks to make a difference in each community they are a part of — there is even a sponsorship request form directly on the website. One of Bill’s favorite sayings is, “always leave a place better than you found it,” and that’s what Sissy’s strives to do for their communities and has done for the past 50 years.

   Sissy says she never expected her small business in an old log cabin to grow to where it is today. She attributes her success to “the help of God and a few angels.” In the coming years, the Sissy’s Log Cabin team hopes to continue growing, both in business and philanthropy, and to never lose sight of what’s most important – family.


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