Photography + Project Inspiration by Ashley Murphy

   In the midst of chaos – a global pandemic encouraging separation and isolation – Ashley Murphy recognized the resilience of a collective spirit that brings us together in solidarity + strength. The Masked Project celebrates this kind of beauty: individual and unique, yet incredibly compatible.

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   Her vision as an artist is unwavering. These images – just a few in the collection – capture moments in history as a reminder of our shared humanity. There’s tenacity + courage reflected in the beautiful eyes of friends and neighbors, a mirror to the soul of the Capital City. Our resolve is steadfast. We’ll welcome diversity and honor our differences as we look towards a bright future.

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Ashley shares insight for the project.

“As a photographer, I have always been fascinated with the eyes. With more and more people covering their faces, I see this as an opportunity to focus on the eyes and on each individual person. This is not a series promoting whether or not these are safe coverings. This is not a series promoting going out in public. Using my 200mm lens, I am traveling to homes and we meet outside at a very safe distance for a brief time.

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I have learned…

– The photographs are just part of this project. Talking, even briefly, gives me insight to what other people are thinking and doing during this time.

– People hunger for creativity and still want to express themselves during this time, even if it is just for a moment.

– We truly are all in this together through the uncertainty, the struggles, the fears and the hope.

– A simple photo outside their home is something much more. It is a way to be a part of something bigger. A way to show the world who we are.

This is not about a virus. This is about us.”

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