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Methodist Family Health – Share the Light




Fellow Arkansans – neighbors, colleagues and friends – are sharing a light of peace, kindness and generosity that makes The Natural State a little brighter. Inviting Arkansas and Methodist Family Health celebrate individuals who illuminate our community with goodness. Nominate someone today for a future feature that SHINES.

Abbie Stalnaker was introduced to Methodist Family Health Foundation through her father’s support and leadership of the organization. “He educated me on it for years and I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in if the opportunity presented itself!” Like many young professionals – balancing work, family and civic leadership can be challenging. She realizes the power of community that supports, builds and brings people together in fellowship.

 Abbie joined the Methodist Family Health Foundation Board of Directors as well as the Southern Silks Stakes Committee last year. She’s been impressed by a couple of former clients’ stories. “They both previously were in different programs through the Methodist Family Health system, coming from situations that I could not imagine.” She notes how the future has been transformed for each. “They found a home in the Methodist Family Health system and are now thriving with everything in the world ahead of them.”

 This reflects the heart of the Methodist Family Health mission – offering a complete continuum of care for Arkansas children who are abandoned, abused, neglected and struggling with psychiatric, behavioral and emotional issues. Initiatives funded through Methodist Family Health Foundation provide assistance to clients in the care of Methodist Family Health.

 Abbie believes that community is comprised of a lifetime of experiences. “People who you choose to surround yourself with should be people who build you up, support you when you need it and come together for one another.” For her, it’s somewhere to call home, and as a realtor with The Property Group, Abbie knows the value of having a safe space to build a life. That is the work of Methodist Family Health Foundation. “Hearing personal situations about clients’ journeys gives such wonderful perspective of how we are directly helping people who need it. I’m proud to be part of an organization that helps so many overcome trauma and create a brighter future.”


Sponsored by Methodist Family Health Foundation | Nominations accepted at [email protected] | #ShareTheLightandSHINE

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