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Preserving Old-World Charm in a New Home – A Testament to Tradition




In the heart of The Heights, a historic Little Rock neighborhood, stands a testament to tradition: a new build that embodies the charm of its established counterparts. For this family, who love the appeal of older homes, the decision to embark on this journey was monumental.

From the outset, the goal was clear: to create a home that exuded the traditional feel, from the authentic hardwood floors and glass doorknobs to the exterior brick. Everything was thoughtfully chosen. “We knew we wanted this new build to feel established and traditional like older houses,” explains Martin Potter, designer at Tom Chandler & Associates. This sentiment permeated every aspect of the process, from the layout to the exterior esthetic. There was a desire for intimacy and coziness that was translated into a design. This also honored the rich history of the neighborhood while eschewing the trend of white-painted brick facades of other new builds. “We wanted to capture some old house charm,” Martin continues. “With smaller contained rooms rather than a completely open floor plan.”

Tom Chandler & Associates, the design firm behind this project, has a longstanding history with the family. “Chandler & Associates has worked for this family for generations back,” Martin notes. This deep-rooted connection fostered a sense of trust and understanding that was invaluable throughout the process. “This is the fourth house I’ve done for this family. We share a similar personal style, and the house has been a real collaboration with them.”

Indeed, the project was a true partnership with the clients actively involved in every decision. “It’s so nice when everyone on a team shares a vision and similar taste,” Martin reflects. “We really worked as a team. I feel like I was a member of the family for the 16 months it took to complete the home.” The result of this collaborative effort is a home that seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern convenience. From the drama of the blue study to the adorable children’s bedrooms, every detail reflects a shared vision and a dedication to preserving the past while embracing the future.

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