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Fellow Arkansans – neighbors, colleagues and friends – are sharing a light of peace, kindness and generosity that makes The Natural State a little brighter. Inviting Arkansas and Methodist Family Health celebrate individuals who illuminate our community with goodness. Nominate someone today for a future feature that SHINES.

    Ritter Arnold greeted the Inviting Arkansas team with energy and enthusiasm that filled the halls of Oak Forest United Methodist Church. He was initially introduced to Methodist Family Health through friend and Methodist Minister Rev. Joe Sparks; Ritter’s unwavering commitment to the organization spans three decades. His service includes board of director membership, board of director president, finance committee chairman and campaign chairman for the new multi-purpose Mike Millar Spiritual Life Center.

   Clearly, Ritter isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. With a background in agriculture, he formerly managed E. Ritter & Company – a family business established in 1886. Throughout his career, Ritter has collaborated with industry experts to better meet the needs of the community. This kind of civic leadership is reflected in his tenure with Methodist Family Health.

   Methodist Family Health is comprised of a continuum of care defined by its diversified team and assets. “With a residential treatment center and behavioral health hospital, Methodist Family Health has the resources to help immediate and chronic needs,” Ritter explains. “The Methodist Family Health Board of Directors has taken huge leaps of faith over the years to evolve programming. We expanded into adolescent mental health services. Methodist Family Health opened a behavioral health hospital in Maumelle in 2001, a residential treatment center in 2004 and constructed a state-of-the-art residential treatment center in 2017/2018.”

   These facilities provide inpatient and outpatient programs as well as services for families struggling with behavioral, emotional and psychiatric health issues. Ritter is proud to be involved with an organization whose focus is people and community. “It’s inspiring to watch Methodist Family Health evolve to meet the changing needs of Arkansas children – whatever they may be. For some children, it is food and shelter. For others, it is emotional, psychological or spiritual counseling and training.”

   Throughout his service to the organization, Ritter believes it’s a privilege to serve alongside seasoned professionals and devoted volunteers. “It has been rewarding working with great people – CEO Andy Altom is a true visionary,” Ritter reflects. “I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Methodist Family Health Foundation Executive Director Carolyn McCone.” Ritter’s impression through each project has been tangible. 

   “Working with Ritter has been one of the highlights of my time at Methodist Family Health,” says Carolyn McCone, CFRE. “He is so generous with his time, his advice and his treasures. Ritter didn’t hesitate to chair our first capital campaign when asked, and he didn’t let a pandemic delay our timeline or goal.”

   Ritter and the entire Methodist Family Health community look forward to celebrating the new Mike Millar Spiritual Life Center, which will have a virtual groundbreaking on October 12. “This center will include a chapel, multipurpose space, welcome center for the campus, and administrative space for our Methodist Children’s Home administrators,” adds Carolyn. “We also will include an outdoor labyrinth, new landscaping and enhanced parking to compliment the center.” The chapel will provide connections throughout the community and offer a place of love, peace and hope for the future. 


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